The Art of Living Self-Help Program with JSI Reference Poster


Getting to KNOW HELP MYSELF & OTHERS. This hour long DVD program will give you an overview of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and takes a look at the History & Philosophy of this powerful healing art.

$50.00 with poster 

$30.00 without poster


1  Reference Poster

1 Self Help brochure 

Learn Numbers 1 – 26, located on the front and back of the body. Read energy flow patterns and utilize Self-Help flows. Booklet included.

  • Learn the History, Philosophy, & How Jin Shin Jyutsu works.
  • Discover dynamic & easy methods of application to energize & balance the body system.
  • Release yourself from pain, discomfort & fatigue.
  • Experience more energy, peace & emotional balance.

Self-Help Program Details

Self-Help Program:

  • Self-Help booklet
  • 60 minute DVD program

Reference Poster:

  • 18″ x 24″ laminated poster
  • Full color