The Depth


 Jin Shin Institute in collaboration with Philomena Dooley developed Textbook Two, The Depth, to separate foundational concepts from more advanced concepts. The information in this book provides accessible explanations for the advanced teachings and concepts of the Art of Jin Shin. As students work their way through The Depth, they will continue to deepen their understanding and strengthen their knowledge of the Art.

Our aim for The Depth is to clarify concepts and ideas to help the student gain a solid understanding of the advanced material. We share tools that allow the student to use the material with confidence, and more fully express themselves in the Art of Jin Shin.

The Depth is a comprehensive textbook that dives deeply into the advanced concepts of the Art of Jin Shin. It is a continuation of The Core (the foundation) and contains additional Flows, and Adjustments, enhancing the student’s repertoire. In order to use this book, students need to first understand Textbook One, The Core.