Jin Shin Institute Offerings and Pamela Markarian Smith's Letter to Students

The core of the Institute’s work consists of education as well as our wellness center, we offer a certification program for novice and seasoned practitioners. 

Presenting the Art of Jin Shin in all of its breath is among our foremost goals, which is why we have made certain modifications to the terminology in order to reach a wider audience. For instance, those of you who have familiarity with the modality will know it as Jin Shin Jyutsu. In order to avoid a common source of confusion, we changed “Jyutsu” to its English translation, “art,” removing echoes to a martial art. 

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Dear Students of the Art of Jin Shin

For most of my adult life I have believed that when the student is ready the teacher appears. So it was that in my early 20’s two things happened in my life, I found my spiritual Master and became a disciple of the Science of the Soul, and I also was introduced to the Art of Jin Shin through Mary Burmeister. I realized that I had found the teacher of my life’s work and with whom I came to share a special friendship. It is indescribable what a blessed life I have had which is the direct result of the generous spiritual guidance I received from these two wonderful souls.

For over 50 years I have dedicated my life to studying and sharing the teachings of Master Jiro Murai, teachings that were passed on to me by his dedicated student, Mary Burmeister. On my journey, I established the Jin Shin Institute in 1993 so that I could continue to teach and share the work of my two beloved and respected teachers. I have never doubted that my purpose in this life was to follow Mary and work to fulfill the promise she made to Master Murai which was to never let the Art of Jin Shin be lost to mankind again.

I hope I have made a difference in all my attempts for the good. Just as it was time for Master Murai to pass on the Art of Jin Shin to Mary Burmeister and Haruki Kato, and as it was for Mary to chose the teachers so they could continue to share her training and understanding of the art, so it is time for me to gratefully pass the baton on to the next keeper of the work so that the Art of Compassionate Living will continue to grow and thrive for the benefit of all mankind. When it is time, the Universe provides and so it is no coincidence when Alexis Brink came to study with me that our mutual love and respect for this art had a special significance.

Mary tells the story of how she came into Master Jiro Murai’s life, and I remember the moment I met Mary and made the decision to dedicate my life to the Art of Jin Shin, so it was when I met Alexis. I intuitively knew I could trust her to carry on the work that Mary and I had devoted our lives to protect, never compromising or mixing modalities, always holding on to the integrity of Master Murai's work. I feel truly blessed to have been given this life and it is with a grateful heart that I now am able to let go of the Jin Shin Institute and watch the Art of Jin Shin enter the 21st century. Alexis’s personal integrity and love of Jin Shin coupled with her dynamic energy will bring new life to this incredible gift for the world. 

Dear friends and students of the Art of Jin Shin, thank you for this incredible journey and join me in supporting Alexis who has chosen this important and wonderfully rewarding work to be her legacy.

In all humility and with Love and blessings,

Pamela M. Smith