Alexis' Story and Experience

Alexis Brink, LMT, a native of the Netherlands, came to New York at a young age to be a Broadway dancer. After a knee injury left her unable to perform, she was guided to the Art of Jin Shin, which not only healed her, but put her on a new life's journey.

Ever since, she has studied and shared this healing art with others. Today, she is the Director of Jin Shin Institute, and has held a private practice in NYC since 1991. Alexis is the author of "The Art of Jin Shin" and “Healing at Your Fingertips,” published by Simon & Schuster and translated into 6 languages. She has taught Jin Shin in hospitals to medical professionals, in the New York Public School system, and for wellness organizations & different communities around the world. Alexis has written two Textbooks; the Core and the Depth, on how to become a practitioner in the Art of Jin Shin. Jin Shin Institute, under Alexis's guidance, is offering a comprehensive curriculum to a new generation of practitioners and teachers. She is also a Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP) of USATAA.

Alexis shines most when she is speaking in front of an audience – whether it is during her weekly social media lives, on a wellness panel, teaching a workshop, or giving a presentation on the Art of Jin Shin. 

Alexis is sitting on a chair and speaking from a stage to a large audience

In 1986, Alexis Brink came to New York from the Netherlands to be a dancer and joined The American Dancemachine company. She sustained a knee injury which took her out of rehearsals for weeks at a time. One day a friend recommended for her to receive a session from master practitioner Philomena Dooley. Philomena gave her a short session, showed some Self Help and that was the end of the injury.

This miraculous event started her on the path to become an Art of Jin Shin practitioner.

Within several years of study, Alexis observed, practiced and experienced the art and learned the foundation, as she watched and worked with her teacher Philomena and her clients. Philomena has been her mentor ever since. Together they went and studied privately with Haruki Kato in Japan. Alexis also attended Kato's seminars as well as his son's, Sadaki Kato. 

Her intention of sharing the Art of Jin Shin with a larger audience led her to the meeting of Pamela Markarian Smith, who founded Jin Shin Institute in 1993. Pamela's devotion to Mary Burmeister and the integrity of the work was apparent. 


In January of 2015, Alexis Brink became the chosen successor of Jin Shin Institute by Pamela Markarian Smith. Alexis holds the same philosophy as Mary Burmeister and Pamela Markarian Smith, that Jin Shin is a healing art which is important to keep practicing, teaching and sharing to create continued awareness around the world, for generations to come. It is with humility and honor, and through her love for the Art of Jin Shin, that she will continue the legacy.