Digital Jin Shin Institute Pamela Markarian Smith Curriculum Package ( Online Access )


Includes All Products in Digital versions (PDF), with access to online DVDs - will be given after the purchase via email from Tania - and digital posters!

This package includes the learning materials offered by the Jin Shin Institute. Pamela Markarian Smith shares the culmination of over 45 years of practice in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Master Practitioner, Pamela Markarian Smith, has devoted her life to studying and teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu. Her years working with masters of this fascinating & effective discipline, has come full circle as she now offers her expansive knowledge to you in these educational video programs, books & posters. Now, you too can learn how to heal yourself and others with Jin Shin Jyutsu hands-on treatments.

Here’s what the Jin Shin Institute Curriculum Package covers:

  • The Trinity & relationship of numbers 1-26 on front & back of body, & their ancient meanings.
  • Introduction to Depths, their order, and number locations on the body.
  • "Daily Self Help" & "Hands On Awareness" – A guide to treating yourself and others.
  • Safety Energy Flows, Fatigue Adjustment Flow, Methods of Correction, Diagonal Fatigue Flow, etc.,
  • How the elements relate to the flows. Source Energy for Combining Time Place & Elements.
  • The 12 Organ Flows & the 5 Facilitators. Depth Specials, the Lumbar Circle and much, much more!
  • An advanced look at depths & pulses in the long awaited JSI Textbook III Advanced Trinity Manual.

 Curriculum Package Details

You can now have this remarkable learning program for your very own! Products included in the Jin Shin Curriculum package are listed below. Products can also be purchased separately.

  • Online access to The Art of Living Trinity Class Video Series – over 22hrs of Jin Shin Jyutsu instruction by Pamela on 15 DVD’s
  • Jin Shin Insititute Textbooks – Texbooks 1, 2 and the newly released Texbook 3. Students are guided from Basic to Advanced Practitioner, plus more information for Self-Help. Handy Reference Book also included
  • Digital access to the Jin Shin Institute Reference Poster – an essential learning tool to accompany the Trinity Class Video Series
  • Digital access to the Jin Shin Institute 6 Depths with Pulses Treatment Poster – a deeper look into depths and pulses. Directly references the Trinity Class Video Series
  • The Art of Living Self Help Program – 1 hour DVD with booklet. Energy flow patterns, Self-Help flows.